Terms of use

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. THE FOLLOWING CLAUSES GOVERN ALL RELATIONS BETWEEN THE BUYER (you) AND THE COMPANY "FANIEL INC" (hereafter "FANIEL") concerning all offered services by FANIEL and according to our website www.monturesfaniel.com (hereafter "website"). The following will consequently include display, sales and delivery services to the BUYER of glasses and other eyewear products (hereafter collectively "services").


The BUYER who uses the website and its services understands and agrees that he is bound by law to use these services according to the terms and conditions of use. By accepting the order and payment from the BUYER, FANIEL agrees by law to provide these services to the BUYER according to the terms and conditions of use.

Site/Brand Ownership

The website belongs exclusively to FANIEL. The Faniel brand is a trademark of FANIEL (hereafter "brand").

Use of Services

To place an order, the BUYER needs only to follow the instructions given on our website. The BUYER is advised that available products ad models, as well as prices, may vary.
Following reception of the order and payment from the BUYER, FANIEL prepares and then sends the order to the BUYER. FANIEL guarantees to do its best to send the order to the BUYER so that the BUYER receives it within ten (10) working days. It is however possible that shipping delays vary depending on the size of the order.


The amount paid by the BUYER while putting in an order is the full price of the order. Delivery fees and applicable taxes are added on to the total amount of your purchase and must be paid at the same time. FANIEL graciously supplies a case and a cleaning fabric with every frame.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Return & Warranty

Personal Information

FANIEL asks for personal contact information from the BUYER purely in order to manage its Services. This information can and will only be used by FANIEL, its representatives and its sale agents. The BUYER must provide real information and must inform FANIEL should this information change.




FANIEL can cease to provide its services at any time and to its own discretion.
Should this happen, FANIEL must perform its contractual obligations towards any BUYER who has already put in and paid for an order. If FANIEL is unable to provide the products of this paid order, the BUYER shall be notified and fully reimbursed.

Prohibited Acts

The BUYER is strictly forbidden, by act or by omission, by any means and by him or herself, or by a third-party :


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