Art to wear!

Artistic frames created by Soprano from Quebec Anne-Marie Faniel, designed to unveil the unique personality of each wearer. Recycled acetate colored materials from a unique original process, imagined by the designer and cleverly amalgamated to highlight the complexion and morphology of each, to reveal the unique beauty and magnify each face.

Faniel signs three distinct collections allowing each to evolve freely according to his Artistic expression.

The Faniel Art Collection. Pure and hard it addresses the most expressive of us and offers exploded and assumed designs, as well as a thorough search for colors, amalgamating materials and color to subtly harmonize the different particularities of each face.

Then comes the collection Faniel, where each frame is named a positive energy, allowing the wearer to carry on Self and others these wellness waves. An entry into the universe Faniel, it is addressed to the general public being positively more wise and accessible.

And finally, the ¬°Artista collection! An evolutionary collection inspired by the great artists who have marked our planet. An exciting universe exploring metal and acetate, allowing the designer to give free rein to her artistic imagination. Works of Arts for your eyes!